GWENDOLYN CLAIRE VS. THE FOXFIELD FOUR  follows the title character, a new fifth grader at Foxfield Elementary School, through her first month at her new school. On her very first day she comes face-to-face with a problem that she never experienced before, bullying.  A group of girl bullies self-named The Foxfield Four confront her but Gwen exhibits how one strong girl with an excellent support group can outsmart and solve this very real problem for herself and some new friends.

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Gwendolyn Claire Chapter Books and Teacher Resources 

Virginia Pulitzer, Author

GWENDOLYN CLAIRE AND THE FOXFIELD SCHOOL PLAY  is the second book in Virginia Pulitzer's Gwendolyn Claire series of middle grade chapter books for ages 8-12 that follows new student Gwendolyn Claire through her exciting year at Foxfield School. It's October. Halloween, a library ghost, and, more importantly, tryouts for the school play take center stage for Gwendolyn Claire. Follow Gwen as she experiences all the excitement, anticipation, and "drama" that make up the school play experience.


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